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About this study
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The Hope Mills Area Multimodal Congestion Management Plan is a joint effort between the Fayetteville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO) and the Town of Hope Mills. The objectives and requirements as set forth in a defined scope of work are to be used as guidance for the study area.


FAMPO has identified the Town of Hope Mills as an area in need of a Comprehensive, Multimodal Congestion Management Plan.

This area is ideal for development to occur and is expected to be in high demand because of future growth in the region caused from the creation of the Fayetteville Outer Loop (I-295), which will be fully completed by 2021.

As of 2010, the Town of Hope Mills had a population of 15,176, which is expected to grow in the foreseeable future. This continued growth is expected to have a significant, and potentially negative, impact on the transportation network and land-use patterns of the study area. Increase in traffic volumes, development activities, congestion and population are all expected in the region.


To prepare a sub-regional multi-modal congestion management transportation plan and a companion land use plan suitable for implementation by local governments, FAMPO, public transportation providers and NCDOT that:

  • Addresses the need for regional mobility and accessibility and provides the best alternatives;
  • Is coordinated with current and on-going transportation and land-use planning efforts, and assures that they work in step with each other;
  • Will enhance the current transportation system (inclusive of all modes) to meet the mobility and accessibility needs of the study area, especially those corridors that are identified to have major importance in accommodating traffic to and from Fort Bragg Military Reservation;
  • Establishes a regional vision for the study area or improves on the current vision from locally adopted plans;
  • And coordinates with identified stakeholders and responds to all input.

Project Location

The Town of Hope Mills is located in western Cumberland County, just south of the City of Fayetteville.

The study area, a seven square mile area shown in the map, encompasses the entire town limits.

Main Corridors Affected

  • NC 59 (Main Street)
  • Camden Road
  • Rockfish Road
  • Golfview Road
  • Cameron Road
  • Legion Road
  • NC 162

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